Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Will my baby be uncomfortable in a wet nappy?

Disposable nappies keep baby's bottom dry. So do fleece nappies, but cotton nappies and bamboo nappies get wet. Is this a problem?


  1. It depends on your baby. Some are prone to nappy rash if they're wet, and for them it's worth considering some of the "dry" options like fleece-lined nappies or fleece liners in cotton or bamboo nappies. There are also cotton or bamboo nappies with a polyester lining which wicks moisture away. All of these are very effective solutions, and if your baby has a particularly sensitive bum it may not react any better to the drying agent in disposables.

  2. Ideally you should be changing your baby regularly whether in disposables or cloth! But I've found using Tots Bots Easyfit with a fleece liner and then a flushable liner on top of that is the best way to use cloth. The fleece liner creates a one way barrier for liquid, so baby doesn't feel as wet, and the flushable liner makes it easy to flush solids away. The fleece just gets washed along with nappy - just chuck it into the bucket along with nappy.

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