Monday, 17 November 2014

Rosetta thinking needed

Wow!  It took 10 years for Rosetta to reach  the comet from planet Earth.  TEN YEARS!  So this project was being planned years ahead.  This is the kind of thinking needed in the waste sector to move us towards a Zero Waste London. 

We also need the maths.  How much will your borough spend on disposable nappy waste over the next 25 years?  How much less would it spend if an increasing percentage of residents started using washable nappies instead?

The only thing that will make your borough use our service to help them reduce nappy waste is if you write to your local councillors and tell them.  Please help RNfL do more to reduce disposable nappy waste.  You can use this link Write to Them.

Next week is the European Week for Waste Reduction.  Please write to your local councillor.  Tell her/him that you are using real nappies and reducing waste and ask them to join Real Nappies for London so we can create a pan London nappy scheme so that we can reduce the overall impact as well as the cost of nappy waste.

The average cost of disposing of a tonne of waste by landfill or incineration is £100.  Each baby produces almost a tonne of waste from birth to potty.  You can find out how many babies are born in your borough here  It's interesting to see that the boroughs with the most babies born in them in 2013; Newham, Croydon, Barnet, Brent, Ealing, Wandsworth have not signed up to use our service. 

Thank you for already using real nappies.  Please do this extra one thing next week to increase your impact! 

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