Friday, 22 October 2010

Let's reduce nappy waste in London

In 2009 Londoners sent a massive 200,000 tonnes of nappy waste to landfill and/or incineration costing a staggering £15 million.  Surely it makes sense to encourage more parents to use washable nappies and thus reduce this huge disposal cost?  London boroughs face tough spending choices.  Think about how that £15 million spent on disposing of nappy waste could be put to better use.
Washable nappies are really easy to use these days and there are also nappy laundry services that deliver clean nappies to your door - or nursery - taking away the used nappies to be washed and worn again. 


  1. The 5,000 nappies on average that each child uses is the main issue relating to disposable nappies that makes it a no-brainer to use washables in our household. I also happen to think that we need to get away from this idea that disposable nappies are the more 'convenient' option and that the have a special 'right' to this convenience. If you don't want inconvenience in your life then don't have children!

  2. Washable nappies are extremely easy to use, very affordable (you can buy them second hand for really cheap prices and there are many thriving websites of second hand nappies for sale and swap) and they come in all sorts of fabrics and beautiful patterns. It's an easy choice to make!

  3. I'd agree that washable nappies are very easy to use, don't generally smell when you leave them in a bucket with milton whereas disposables stink to high heaven even in their scented nappy bags waiting by the front door to be binned outside! I was amazed how convenient they were and the colourful designs and different styles were aimed at those put off by the thought that they would be harder to use than disposables. They are also better fits in my experience and I found leaked less - brilliant all round!

  4. I bougth washable nappies for my baby Kala when she was born and we are very happy with those nappies wich i have listen throught real nappies for london.
    The are really soft and warm for the babys and doesn't make any allergy to your baby's skin.
    And most important is that it doesn't contaminate more than it is the earth.
    I strongly recommend it then for every mum in the world.